NFL Team Building: The Salary Cap

In this week’s edition, the guys get through the offseason with a deep dive into the NFL Salary Cap! The first in a three part series, this episode is for anyone looking for an overview of the salary cap and how it functions in the NFL. If you are a new fan, or just never had the opportunity to learn about it, this is the perfect place to get your feet wet with NFL contracts. Time codes below! Yes, Max knows he said AFL in reference to the Colts, and he knows they were an NFL team.

After the, the guys have some fun with a single elimination “Uni Tourney” in which team uniforms are matched up head to head. Find out how your team stacks up!

14:45 A Brief History of the Salary Cap

25:32 How the Salary Cap Works

1:17:57 Some Salary Cap Stats

1:30:52 “Uni Tourney” Pt I

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