Tracey is one of the co-founders of The Yancy St. Speakeasy. Born in Pennsyltucky, Tracey faced an uphill battle as a result of his passion for comic book characters. Adolescence is a trying time, but how does one respond when one is aroused only by the blue and red spandex of the local comic shop? Fortunatley for Tracey, he was brave enough to come out to his parents as “Spider-Sexual” and they lovingly, if confusedly embraced their son!

Upon graduation, Tracey attended Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, where he thrived and ultimately graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology with a special focus on the mating habits of spider-men. Many of his professors and fellow students remarked at the time that they saw a bright future for Tracey, as some wondered if he would choose to pursue his groundbreaking research in the field of Spider-Men in their native habitats, or if he would turn his attention to politics after his successful rallies for the equal rights of other “Spider-Sexuals.”

After being accepted to a graduate program at the University of Miami, everything seemed to be going so well for Tracey, but it was around this time that the famed South Florida nightlife introduced itself to the young Mr. LaFrance. Indeed, the late night video game scene intrigued Tracey, and it wasn’t long before he developed a full blown addicition. Tracey was able to hide his addiction from many of those closest to him, but eventually he realized it was time for a change of scenery.

At this time Tracey packed his bags for Key West, where he had arranged for an internship and to study marine Spider-Men. Tracey felt at home in this island town, and spent some time introspecting and questioning the very nature of himself and the Spider-Men he loved so dearly. Some say it was chance, others destiny, but either way this story leads to the pinnacle of Tracey’s life up to this point. After being completely swept off of his feet at a party by one Max Dean, Tracey immediately began to realize that Spider-Man was not his only obsession, although now it was a shared obsession. On one balmy eve in Frebruary of 2018, history was made, when the first episode of The Yancy St. Speakeasy was recorded, and life has never been the same for Tracey.

After willingly becoming Max Dean’s art slave, Tracey has set aside everything else in life to make art and podcasts at the whim of his co-host.

Reach Tracey on Twitter @lafrancets26 and find is art on Instagram @vivalafranc3