Ep. 022: Game of Thrones

Welcome back to The Yancy St. Speakeasy! This week Max and Tracey talk about Game of Thrones, from Westeros to Essos! At the end Max and Tracey play a new game that turns out to be their favorite yet, and next week they may have their first guest host as well. For a written version of the one word game, see below the show notes!

0:00 Intro

5:14 Spider-Man: Far From Home News

15:50 Captain Marvel News

26:15 Serial

28:42 Jack Ryan

30:34 Spider-Man PS4

31:21 New Job

38:75 Game of Thrones

1:26:52 Game (One Word Story)

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One Word Story-

In the forest of Norway, I once found a child who emanated purple light. I picked him up and held his hand against my face, and it glowed pulsing warmth. Later, I noticed that we forgot to bring the child home. So I went to the store to buy some lunchmeat. The child called my cellular device but I ignored it. Instead I made a sandwich with pita bread. I later was napping and heard at the window a voice. I opened the curtains and saw the child and he looked at me with big sandwich eyes. I opened a sandwich bag and removed some crumbs, and threw them out the window. The child looked at me and shrugged, so I closed the curtains and went to sleep.

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